das letzte stück der illusion (2013)
for horn and tapemusic
wp: bern; 24th of october 2013, musician: johannes otter

über die variablen eines tages (2013)
for one musician (percussionist)
wp: berlin: 8th of february 2013, SPRECHSAAL berlin, musician: matthias engler

flagge ohne stange (2008/2009)
for marimbaphon
wp: berlin, 11th of july, uferhallen berlin, marimbaphon: matthias engler

dunkelkammer für töne (2008) approx. n.n.
for piano and rainforest imitations
wp: 5th of July 2011, concerts of the cite international des arts, paris, piano: macro tritschler, electronics: sagardía

adrien´s room / sounds for human deep (2007) approx. 8′
for clarinet, sun glasses, and sound director
wp: los angeles, 18th of september 2007, clarinetist: rafael caldentey crego

red piano (2005/2006) approx. 13′
5 pieces for piano
wp: frankfurt/main, 19th of april 2006, pianists: elmar schrammel, marc tritschler

dunkle bäume & getilgte sonnen (2005) approx. 19′
for ampiflied cello and tape music
wp: essen, 20th of january 2005, cello: scott roller, tape music: sagardía, sound & msp-program: maximilian marcoll
fp: frankfurt/main, cello: wolfgang zamastil, sound: felix dreher

dialoge (1997/98) approx. 11′
for violin
wp: rostock, 1998, violin: holger klaus
fp: stockholm, 6th of may 1998, “festival artgenda 1998”