A Grammel / Hochherz / Sagardía production
in collaboration with Nathalie Thomas and Slava Gepner and the LOFFT Theater Leipzig
wp: 18th of october 2016, LOFFT Theater Leipzig

Nah am Ereignis (2014)
written for four instruments, staircase, rain barrels, motor vehicle and video clips
i/p: flute, harp, clarinet, percussionist, rain barrels, videos, car
wp: Ensemble Adapter, 23rd october 2014, Ex-Rotaprint, concert series  “Rotation” of Ensemble Adapter

Metropolitankirche der Kunst (2014)
written for steam machines, musical clocks and radiator
after Erik Saties “L’Église Métropolitaine d’Art de Jésus Conducteur ”
concept & directed by Aron Kitzig and Joshua Wicke
music & performance: Sagardía
wp: 21st of February 2014, HAU 2, 100°Ferstival 2014, berlin

JOSEFINE (2012) approx. 70′
experimental music theatre based on two short stories by franz kafka
i/p: orchestra, tape music, soloists and choir
wp: 13th of october 2012, mönchengladbach, theatre krefeld/mönchengladbach
fp: 17th of november 2012, krefeld, theatre krefeld/mönchengladbach
in collaboration with christian grammel, agnes fabich, björn sc deigner, charlotte pistorius, lennart dohms and oliver spatz
supported by “fond für experimentelles musiktheater nordrhein-westfalen”

reAction (2011) approx. 20′
score and music for friderike plafki’s choreography reAction
i/p: score and electronical music
wp: 2nd of july 2011, La Caldera dance room, grec festival barcelona,
dancers: friderike plafki, david bloom; music: sagardía

public speeches (2002) approx. 35’*
musictheater in four sections
i/p: saxophone, synthesizers, live electronics and props (toaster, furniture, drill machine),
within “offenes forum für hardcore”
wp: 23rd of september 2002, düsseldorf, altstadt herbstfestival

der parzival (1998) approx. 12’20”
chamber opera of 16 scenes, scene 4 – 6: sagardía
i/p: 0-0-1(bass clarinet)-0; 0-1-1-0; 1 percussionist; conzert guitar; 1-0-0-0-1; singers
wp: gießen, 17th of march 1999, theater im löbershof
fp: munich, 17th of april 1999, „münchner biennale 1999“
collective work, in collaboration with the following composers: benjamin lang, holger klaus, wang fei,
gerhardt veser and carsten hennig